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Most common mistakes while selecting a water treatment plant

Pure water has changed its designation from an abundant resource to a very precious gift that needs to be used with care. The principal reason for such a shift is none other than humans themselves. We, humankind exercise reckless behavior when handling earthly resources. This is why it has become of paramount importance that water must be used with utmost care and respect.

Since many industries need pure water for manufacturing and production processes, water treatment plants are extensively used in almost all sectors, pharmaceuticals being the majority. It is not hard to see why pharmaceuticals are in need of the best water treatment project. Since pharmaceuticals need the purest form of water to create high-quality medicine, they are in need of top-notch water treatment plants that uphold the highest safety and quality standards. However, pharmaceuticals are often blindsided by water treatment companies who sell them low-quality water treatment plants that are subpar in quality. This jeopardizes both the company’s reputation as well as the user’s health.

Selecting the right water treatment system starts with the understanding of two things – The quality of the water entering the plant and the quality of water after processing. The capacity of the water treatment plant also plays a significant part in the process as the requirements change based on the overall size and production capability of the water treatment plant.
Micro-contaminants are another reason why effective purification of water is required. These micro-contaminants or micro-pollutants are miniscule contaminants that mainly comprise of drug and hormone residues, radiocontrast agents, softeners, etc. These tiny contaminants need specially fabricate treatment plants as they pass through conventional treatment plants with ease. By choosing a quality water treatment plant, companies can be sure of pure water that is free from all sorts of contaminants.

How to Evaluate the Right Solution?

Know your Requirements

Having any water plant is not enough when your company mass produces products on a large scale. Hence, the treatment plan must be selected with peak demand in mind. When you opt for a lower capacity treatment plant than what you actually require, it leads to bottlenecks in production.

The Rate of Production

Another factor is how much and how fast water is processed. The scarcity of water might occur when the treatment plant cannot keep up with the rest of the production department. Therefore, pick the right option that serves your company right.

Wrong Estimation

Knowing precisely what you need to play a major role in cutting down the costs. Today, companies mislead customers into buying products that they may not need or might not use at all. In essence, the company ends up paying for a feature that is of no use for them.

Contamination within the System

The parts used in the construction of water treatment plants must be of high quality and highly resistant to corrosion. However, poorly built systems can cause internal contamination that can cause the whole system to fail. Therefore, make sure to choose a product that is built to high standards.

When contaminants enter the stream of processed water, it is hard for the company to have any indication that the water is polluted. Hence, it would be treated as if it were pure. Pharmaceutical companies might go on to use this water to produce their medicines. Since every batch of medicine uses water in one way or another, every batch will be defective. If these medicines are given out for public use, then patients can have serious health issues. The legal complications will also follow.

Instrumentation and Automation also play a major role in the selection of the high purity water system. With data logging and acquisition becoming mandatory by most of the auditors, the system should be carefully chosen which is compliant with the latest norms and industry standards.

How TSA Differs In Operation From The Rest!

TSA follows a very customer oriented approach towards suggesting a water treatment plant for the clients. It isn’t just a random choice as the team of experts from TSA will first study the client’s requirements before finalizing a solution. This is how the TSA maintains its utmost client satisfaction.

Raw water Reports

The clients will be requested to submit raw water reports of the inlet water that they are going to use. This gives a clear insight into what sort of system suits best for the task at hand.

Quality Checks at every Stage

The team will evaluate the client’s need for how pure the water should be at the end of each process or stage. In multistage systems, the clients can utilize water with different quality levels for appropriate uses.

Raw water Evaluation

Sometimes, a client might have different water sources like Bore water, Surface water, river water, etc. hence it becomes quite confusing on which source should be used. TSA will evaluate the nature of each source and suggest the best source that is the most suitable for use.

Recycling and Scavenging

Water is too precious to be wasted, and the company has devised many ways in which rejects from each process can be used for other purposes. This way, the overall water waste will be decidedly less when compared to other water treatment plants.

Chemical Treatments

TSA also suggests chemical treatments that can eliminate contaminants from various equipments. For eg. Softeners in the water can be removed with the use of suitable antiscalants. Such noninvasive practices will ensure pure water without any side effects.


The last yet the most critical step is finalization. Based on the parameters put forward by the client as well as the team’s evaluation, an optimum solution will be suggested to the client. Since the solution is based on a variety of factors, the finalized solution will be tailor-made to the client’s requirements.

TSA water system is a pioneer in water purification systems and every product form the company is made to cater to all sorts of the client’s pure water based needs. You cannot go wrong with such a brand!

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