Fermenters, bioreactors and process vessels for biopharma

Custom designed and intelligently engineered to deliver upstream and downstream processes seamlessly.

Our range includes 
  • Fermenters and bioreactors create favourable conditions to grow or amplify microbial or mammalian cells needed to produce therapeutic proteins, enzymes, hormones, antibiotics, alcohol, amino acids and blood substitutes. 
  • Process vessels for media prep, sterile feed, harvesting, cell lysis, buffer prep, chromatography load and elute, refolding, purification, de-filtration and storage.
Our process range is designed with a QRM/QRS approach per ASME/BPE/PED guidelines and with capacities ranging from 5 L to 50 KL.
Customisations available
  • Jacketed or insulated
  • Mobile skid or fixed in place
  • CIP/SIP integrated
  • Top or bottom mounted mixing 
  • Seal or magnetic
  • Automatic, semiautomatic or manual
  • Level sensing, load cell, DPT or radar 

Additional Support

Validation documentation

Cleanroom FAT facilities



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