Pharmaceutical manufacturing vessels for sterile pharma and injectables

Designed with the most stringent standards to maintain the integrity of critical sterile products and ensure they are free of endotoxins.

Our range of process vessels for LVP and SVP parenteral includes manufacturing/ compounding vessels and holding/ storage vessels, with complete plant design covering the entire process from manufacturing up to the last point of filling for any injectable plant with aseptic operations. 
Manufacturing and compounding vessels
These vessels are in Grade C areas under LAF. WFI is charged inside the vessels, and product APIs are added to make up the volume. The product is mixed under variable conditions, including temperature and pH controls. Oxygen is voided through nitrogen sparging to prevent any microbial activity or growth. After sampling and QC analysis, the product is transferred to holding/storage vessels after being passed through sterile filters (0.45 and 0.22 micron) using nitrogen blanketing or a transfer pump.
Holding and storage vessels
Holding vessels are placed in Grade B areas to store sterile products under positive nitrogen pressure. The empty vessel is pre-sterilised before filling with pure steam. Variables include product mixing, temperature and pH controls. After passing through a sterile filter, the product is transferred via pump or nitrogen pressure to the filling line. Product recirculation can be provided for special products.
Customisations include
  • Movable or fixed skid system
  • Jacketed, Limepeted or plain insulated
  • CIP/SIP integrations
  • level sensing, load cell, DPT or radar

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