Process Automation in Pharma

Scale up your manufacturing ambitions quickly, efficiently and with greater ROI

The automation systems we design are comprehensive, reliable and easy to operate. They connect, streamline and sequence processes seamlessly, ensuring all equipment works in harmony. Our automation engineers have first-hand experience with GAMP 5 regulatory and compliance norms and potential bottlenecks, which significantly inform the scope, design, and delivery of our process offerings. You are guaranteed a robust, optimized, safe and user-friendly system automation. We treat risk assessment as the key input to deciding the extent and effort for validation, enabling us to dovetail automation into our scope regarding qualification and audits, resulting in minimum changes onsite. 

With project scope and deliverables constant, our teams can support process qualification LVP, SVP, BFS and FFS within the 15-day cycle with a 100% success rate.

  • 21 CFR part 11 complaint
  • PLC-SCADA open solution
  • GAMP 5 guidelines
  • ISA88 programming
  • HMI/IPC for localized control
  • Electronic Batch Records (EBR)
  • DCS compliance and controls
  • Server-based control and operation

Additional Support

Validation documentation

Cleanroom FAT facilities



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