Process Piping

Customised to your specific processes and intelligently engineered to deliver superior sterile operations

Process piping comes into contact with raw materials and final products making its construction a critical aspect of pharma and biopharma manufacturing. In addition, the different pipe sizes and multiple bends along the piping route require thorough cleaning to avoid cross-contamination from cell debris, media, residue from prior batches and cleaning agents. CIP/SIP operations, drying and pressure hold test are dovetailed into design considerations with due consideration to instruments, valves and steam traps. Precisely fabricated with high-quality corrosion-resistant materials for functional longevity. All joints are orbitally welded with a video-boroscope. 

  • Complies with various international standards including cGMP, 3-A, ASME-BPE
  • Well-defined QA/QC procedures with third-party approval
  • Complete qualification and validation package

Additional Support

Validation documentation

Cleanroom FAT facilities



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