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Avoiding delays in the installation of your Water Purification Plant

Large scale planning of water treatment systems can be a daunting task for project managers. More often than not, snags in the operation end up delaying the installation of a water purification project. This can prove to be a very trying time for the whole team to get back on track. To avoid such a situation, it is very important for project managers to chalk out guidelines and adhere to them to escape from any lags in launching a project. The following are a list of some important guidelines to keep in mind to ensure the smooth installation of a water treatment project.

Pay Utmost Attention to Project Planning

Planning is the biggest defense against delays and cost overruns. The project scope, the estimated costs, and predicted benefits must all be clarified. This will reduce budgeting and schedule overruns. Lack of a work program also impairs the monitoring of a project.

Focus on Documentation

Documentation is an essential step in the setting up of a water purification facility. Documentation of plans, orders, inspection, and progress is key to avoid delays. Taking note of when the task of setting up began and how long it is taking for completion, will help everyone be upfront of any delays caused and how to reduce them.

Train your Team

Trained personnel prove to be the biggest asset when seeing a project through. The better we match the right individual to the right tasks, the more effective they will be at delivering your project.

Manage Subcontractors Efficiently

The project chief should discuss the specific plan and ideas with the subcontractors before they begin the project. Inefficiency in choosing the subcontractors carefully would lead to frequent rework and unnecessary delay in project completion.

Set Milestones

Assess the importance of activities and verify the work schedule. Adjust priorities for construction activities as found necessary. Time-sensitive tasks should be moved to the top of the list.

Plan for Potential Problems

While planning for a large scale industrial water treatment process, potential resource and technology challenges may emerge. It is always advisable to keep time for undiscovered work such as budget and resource shortages or employee conflicts and keep a contingency plan for it.

Manage your Equipment

For a vital project like a water treatment facility, equipment is of utmost importance. The use of faulty equipment leads to delay due to the time spent to repair it. Do not delay in ordering the necessary equipment and make sure you have backup equipment for emergency purposes.

Inspect your facility

Inspections are a necessity for any water treatment plant. They have to be timed correctly to ensure that the project flows smoothly even while the inspection goes on.

Apart from these issues, there may be a bevy of other problems that could result in your water treatment facility from starting operations. A project manager has to not only look into potential issues at the site, but also has to keep in mind fringe factors while planning the project. Foresight and experience are a project manager’s biggest allies while planning a water treatment system.

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