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Factors to consider when choosing the best pharma machinery manufacturers in Mumbai

Identifying the best process equipment out there is a complex task. Not because the specifications, features, or pricing of a product itself pose a problem for your decision-making but because you are never just zeroing in on a piece of equipment. You are selecting a partner.

There are many pharma machinery manufacturers in Mumbai, but how many are a right fit for you? Choosing the right partner is extremely important because your relationship with them never ends with your purchase of a heat exchanger or process vessel or purified water system from them. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers are long-term partners in your endeavour to provide high-quality medicines, vaccines, enzymes, proteins, or supplements to your customers. Ideally, they should be by your side before you kick off operations at your plant, while your production lines are running, and after, for maintenance, tech support, upgrades, and repairs.

Cultivating this relationship with pharma machinery manufacturers in Mumbai or elsewhere requires that you closely examine not only the process vessels that they make or their process automation systems but also their values, culture, and approach to project and process management. When you examine these, you might find that some pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers with decent engineering and all the specifications you need wouldn’t make good partners. For instance, if a process engineering company is willing to cut corners in order to shave a few bucks off your overall costs, they’re probably not the correct partner for someone like you, who values safety, quality, and efficacy above all else.

How exactly do you go about assessing which pharma machinery manufacturers in Mumbai are the right fit for you? That’s a difficult process, but that’s why we’re here. This blog article is a handy guide to evaluating your potential relationship with the pharma machinery manufacturers you have shortlisted. Use this guide to create your own checklist of non-negotiables when seeking a supplier even for the equipment, like process piping or biokill tanks, which is not the star of the show, but rather part of the supporting cast. This is how you will build a solid ensemble of good equipment and long, fruitful relationships with the pharma machinery manufacturers that you do choose.

The best pharma machinery manufacturers in Mumbai…

… keep up with the times. In industries like pharma, biopharma, and biotech, the speed with which processes, equipment, regulations, and market demands evolve is very high. What was the done way of doing things a decade ago may no longer hold true. For this reason, it is imperative that you partner up with pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers who are committed to upskilling and are always willing to take on new process and purity challenges.

Looking for highly specific process customisations? Like movable skids? Integrated CIP and SIP systems? Automation systems for a new line you’re setting up? If they’re not up to the challenges you throw at them, they’re not the right pharma machinery manufacturers for you. If they don’t take the initiative to recommend advancements or tiny process modifications to streamline your production lines, they’re not the right choice for you.

… don’t make you run from pillar to post. Setting up a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is not a piece of cake. It involves multiple complex and interconnected elements. So you certainly don’t want to be discussing your storage tanks with one manufacturer while you rely on someone else for your process piping or automation systems; you don’t want to be running from a morning meeting with your partner for water for injection systems to an afternoon one with the CIP and SIP guy. Wouldn’t it be great if most of your needs were met under one roof?

The best pharma machinery manufacturers in Mumbai have an in-depth understanding of the entire manufacturing ecosystem; they are jacks of many pharma process trades. TSA, for instance, not only takes on purified water, WFI and pure steam challenges but also tackles storage and distribution for these pharma-grade waters. TSA possesses expertise in compounding vessels, storage vessels, bioreactors, CIP/SIP, heat exchangers, piping, automation, and so much more. This not only reduces your work, but it also improves coordination between different processes and compatibility between different machines. That’s the kind of pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers you need, no matter where you are located.

… take quality assurance seriously. Pharmaceutical production must be highly controlled to ensure that no contaminants make their way into the preparations that your customers use. So naturally, quality control and assurance are indispensable parts of your process. This makes validation an absolute must – it is the only way in which your pharma machinery manufacturers can assure you that the equipment you buy from them actually does what they claim it does.

For years, process validation in the pharma industry has been fairly generalised; there have been one-size-fits-all validation solutions for large categories of drugs, vaccines, and more. But this did not mean that the varied processes under the category were actually being well-evaluated during validation. Enter risk-based validation. Ideally, your pharma machinery manufacturers should prioritise risk-based validation. Coming up with a tailored validation method after risk assessment is the right way to go. Pharma machinery manufacturers who recognise this have clearly kept up with the times. As a result, the benefits will also spill over to your manufacturing facility in terms of streamlined installation and operation, minimal on-site changes, and improved product safety and quality.

… are committed to building long-term relationships with you. We’ve emphasised this before and we’ll do it again. Teaming up with pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers is for the long run. If an equipment supplier wants to be done and dusted with your project after a sale, you should probably look for an alternative. Reach out to equipment partners like TSA who offer annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) with 24×7 support in case you have an emergency as well as regular, pre-scheduled maintenance checks. Things like these will greatly enhance the longevity of your equipment and minimise the costs that come with unexpected breakdowns and downtime. Ultimately, the best pharma machinery manufacturers in Mumbai have their customers as their greatest cheerleaders. TSA’s 350+ happy customers over the past couple of decades can vouch for our commitment to and enthusiasm about solving the toughest process and high purity challenges – even the ones that appear to be impossible to solve. With TSA, the challenge is always accepted.

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