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Identifying the Best Process Equipment Manufacturers in India

process equipment manufacturers in India

Who are the best process equipment manufacturers in India? As much as we would like straight answers, there aren’t any. Because purchasing process equipment is not only about choosing machinery. It is also about choosing a partner who is a good fit for you in terms of values, approach and priorities; it is about building a relationship which represents a perfect match between your requirements and their offerings.

So you can imagine that finding the best process equipment manufacturers in Mumbai or the rest of India is easier said than done, especially since there are so many to choose from. But make a decision you must. As healthcare demand in India and the world grows exponentially, the market for domestic and international sales is only growing. Whether you are a pharma, biopharma or biotech company, you have the chance to get in on this growth – something you cannot do without the support of your process equipment partner.

We’re here to help. Do you produce vaccines or biologics? Maybe you make nutraceuticals? Or oral solid dosages, biosimilars or parenterals? Whatever your specific business is, there are some principles that you would do well to keep in mind as you hunt for the perfect equipment partner.

Easy as ABC? Not really!
India is the pharmacy of the world and process equipment manufacturers in India could be your best friends and constant support through the choppy waters of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The efficiency and profitability of your operations is dependent on a number of internal and external factors, ranging from drug discovery and development to raw material availability, the current disease burden, the speed of marketing authorisations, the cost of your product, and your distribution model. But your pharma product manufacturing operations stand at the centre of it all – this is where you have massive potential to scale, speed up and streamline production. It is the part of the process where you can make a world of a difference when it comes to quality, cost-efficiency and the speed with which you can supply the markets.

So in your mission to bring life-saving treatments to the people who most need it, which process equipment manufacturers in India, the pharmacy of the world, can you trust?

What makes the best process equipment manufacturers in India?

1. A fine balance: Expertise and experience

No matter where in the world you are, you are likely caught between two extremes when selecting a pharma equipment partner. On one hand, you have a young, up-and-coming manufacturer trained in the latest technologies and abreast with all the cutting-edge advancements in equipment manufacturing. On the other hand, there are the seasoned players, industry veterans with years of experience under their belt. Which one do you choose?

The experience vs expertise debate is a false dichotomy, thankfully. So you don’t have to feel like you need to settle for one or the other. Take TSA. We have two decades of experience in designing and installing plants to produce enzymes, biosimilars, vaccines, oral solid dosages, nutraceuticals and sterile formulations. We have successfully completed more than 500 projects across 50 countries. As such, we have a wide range of experience in terms of number of projects, variety of industries serviced, and the geographies we are familiar with. We are seasoned yet young, skilled and energetic – we have all the latest customisations and automation systems you may need and in the chance that we don’t, we never hesitate to upskill and take on any challenge our customers throw at us.

2. Quality is key! No room for error

Next up is quality. No matter what industry you operate in, quality is key. But in pharma and biopharma, given that people’s lives and health depend on your product, quality and safety are absolutely non-negotiable. If you get the sense that an equipment manufacturer would be willing to cut corners to save you a few bucks, you know that that’s not the partner for you. Instead, choose process equipment manufacturers in India who prioritise quality and safety above all else. This means not just the safety of the products the machines will be used to make, but also the safety of your people who will be operating the machinery.

Now, we know it can be hard to assess all the technical details that contribute to a high quality heat exchanger, compounding vessel, or bio kill system. But that’s where validation testing comes to the rescue. Validation is integral to the quality assurance process. And it’s the best way for you to ensure that the equipment you are getting will actually deliver the results promised to you.

For a while, process validation was fairly standardized, with validation testing needing to tick certain boxes irrespective of the specifics of the production line. But now, thanks to changes in regulation, risk-based validation is prioritised. This gives pharma equipment manufacturers the liberty to tailor their approach to the specific risks involved in each specific process. All of TSA’s equipment, for instance, relies on risk assessment as the key input to determine validation processes. This not only ensures that our clients receive high quality machinery, but it also helps you, as a customer, to save time, minimize onsite changes, and streamline installation and operations at your facility.

3. What do YOU need? Customisation

Let’s say you’ve found the very best process equipment manufacturers in Mumbai. They’re located close to you, they have a reputable name, and their expensive equipment appears to be so because of high quality materials and engineering. But you want movable skid systems for your pharma production facility. Your process piping needs to meet certain specifications because of space constraints. And you need a level sensing mechanism integrated into your process vessels.

What’s the point of this equipment manufacturer being the best if they’re not the best fit for you?

In such situations, always go for a process engineering and equipment partner who understands your needs and can service them. Be it CIP and SIP integrations, level sensing, jacketing for insulation, movable or fixed skids, or various levels of automation – partners like TSA take the time to understand your process, approach and constraints, and they tailor their work to fit your requirements. This is where having a responsive, service-oriented team of skilled engineers makes all the difference for process equipment manufacturers in India, like TSA. Process partners who hear you out and understand you exist, so don’t ever settle for less.

4. Everything under one roof: A comprehensive range of offerings

Now you know that even if you produce just one pharmaceutical product, you’re still going to need a range of inputs and equipment. No matter what you produce, you can’t do without purified water systems, water for injection, storage vessels, or heat exchangers. Whether you’re making a vaccine, a biosimilar, a small volume parenteral, or an enzyme, you will likely need efficient process piping and at least partially automated systems.

Do you really want to be running from pillar to post, tracking down different manufacturers for each component that makes up the process? The best process equipment manufacturers in Mumbai, like TSA, are involved in a range of process and purity challenges. They will be able to support you with WFI as well as heat exchangers; they will provide the storage vessels to hold parenterals as well as the automation systems to keep all your machinery working in coordination. All without you having to make multiple phone calls or coordinate between different partners.

5. Life cycle support

So you’ve done your homework, assessed quality and compatibility, and you’ve chosen an equipment partner. We don’t know about you but we, at TSA, are in these relationships for the long run. We don’t like to end our partnerships with a sale; we like to be involved in the entire life cycle of the equipment we have made for you. This is why all our equipment comes with annual maintenance contracts, or AMCs. With 24×7 support in case of emergencies and regular maintenance, you can expect a longer equipment life and minimal unexpected costs from machinery breakdown. We believe that equipment maintenance should be preemptive, not reactive. And it shows in the service promise we offer to all our customers. Ultimately, nothing speaks as loud as good equipment manufacturers’ happy customers. At TSA, we are proud to have a community of more than 300 customers who vouch for our skill, experience and enthusiasm in addressing their high purity and process challenges. And we can’t wait to include you in our tribe. Reach out to us with your challenges; we would love to have a chat.

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