Outsource your high purity water and process application challenges to TSA

At TSA, that old saw about change being the only constant is always true. We’re always learning, evolving, and upgrading our knowledge, systems, processes, and capabilities, so our customers always have access to the most updated technologies and support.

Since 2004, we have been at the forefront of delivering high purity solutions to pharma companies all over the world. Our customers come to us with complex problems because our core understanding of the water domain surpasses all others.

I can say with all humility that nobody understands water as we do. We have innovated and transformed India’s high purity treatment process through an unbeatable mix of technical expertise and simple yet cost-effective solutions so our customers get the most out of their water treatment processes.

Our ability to deliver the lowest cost per litre comes through optimal design, stringent manufacturing, and quality standards. We’re also known for our service culture – it’s in our DNA to deliver beyond expectation.

Even before the pandemic hit, our customers in the pharmaceutical industry sought to streamline their projects and operations. And now, as the industry grapples with a post-pandemic scenario, this is an even more urgent requirement. We realised that companies we worked with were increasingly seeking more complete solutions to address project, time and cost efficiencies.

Process equipment is the best place to start for any company looking to future-proof its business. And for some time now, we’ve been quietly building up process capability that enables us to offer a more complete solution to our customers.

Process equipment, especially for the pharma industry, must be created with a specific eye toward hygiene, longevity and sustainability. Also, poorly manufactured process vessels are susceptible to rusting, pitting and corrosion.

Our process team at TSA is entirely from the customer side of the table, having worked at some of the top pharma companies in the country. So they not only speak the same language, they have also faced the same challenges and have a broad experience of everything that can go wrong. This gives us an advantage in tackling not just common challenges but also at tackling the unexpected.

All our solutions can be automated to increase the speed and accuracy of various processes, help our customers follow stringent regulatory and compliance standards and reduce operational costs. The team takes process improvements very seriously and continuously works on enhancing the technologies we offer.

Customers who work with us have the convenience of a single window for the entire cycle from raw water to filling. In addition, all our systems are designed to optimal capacities, saving our customers a small fortune on electricity and utilities.

Working with the right partner allows companies the freedom to turn their attention to more significant business challenges. When you work with TSA, you outsource your complexity to us. No one understands water as we do. No one works harder to solve your process challenges than we do. Challenges are always accepted.

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