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Revolutionising High Purity Processes: TSA Process Equipments’ Game-Changing Innovations at ACHEMA 2024

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ACHEMA is home to the full scope of technology and services for the process industry. TSA Process Equipments has set out to showcase its innovative products to international markets. In this blog, we discuss what TSA brings to the ACHEMA 2024! Read further to learn more.

What do we offer?

TSA offers high-purity and process solutions that cater to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. Our products adhere to the most stringent requirements in the world, including ASME and European regulations, to ensure their optimal performance under every condition.

1. Advanced Material Selection and Engineering

TSA employs materials like stainless steel alloys and specialised coating to ensure the process vessels and equipment remain contamination-free and withstand hazardous chemical reactions.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing vessels for sterile pharma and injectables

2. State-of-the-Art Fabrication Techniques

TSA leverages techniques like automated welding, precision machining, and rigorous surface finishing to ensure every component complies with the highest quality standards.

3. Customizable Solutions

Whether it’s a bespoke manufacturing vessel, high-purity solutions or custom fittings, we work closely with our clients to understand the problem and craft the perfect solution for the operation. This level of customisation ensures that the equipment not only meets but exceeds the operational expectations of the clients.

Still life business roles with various mechanism pieces

Innovation at ACHEMA 2024

The most awaited event in the world, ACHEMA, is dated from June 10 to June 14 in Frankfurt, Germany. TSA has put its best foot forward to introduce our innovations to the global markets under one roof.

1. Advanced Water Purification Systems

Our Advanced Water Purification Systems are suitable for sustainable operation with optimal automation of sanitisation and sterilisation processes.

Water for injection (WFI) generation systems

2. Sustainable Solutions

Our Water for Injection Generation Systems and Pure Steam Generation Systems assist companies in achieving their sustainable development goals by reducing their carbon footprint.

3. Smart Manufacturing Vessels

TSA offers several customisation options for your manufacturing vessels. We can integrate level sensors, DPT or radar, CIP/SIP, and skid systems.

4. Intelligent CIP/SIP Systems

SKID-mounted CIP/SIP systems save your time and protect your process. Our technology incorporates static or dynamic spray balls that work with temperature, time duration, and spray concentration to sanitise the process thoroughly.

CIP and SIP systems

Process Automation

Our automation systems seamlessly connect, streamline, and sequence processes to ensure harmonious operations. Our systems comply with 21 CFR Part 11, follow GAMP 5 guidelines, incorporate ISA88 programming, maintain electronic batch records, and more. Click here to explore more features.


As we look forward to ACHEMA 2024, TSA Process Equipments is poised to impact high-purity processes significantly with its innovative solutions.

Achema Booth Image

Meet us at Hall 4.1, Stand G62, from 10th June to 14 June 2024 at ACHEMA 2024, Frankfurt, Germany, to look for our sustainable products.


As we conclude this discussion, we invite you to participate in the ACHEMA 2024, visit our booth and discover how our innovations can benefit your operations and contribute to a cleaner, more efficient future in high-purity processing.


1. What is the ACHEMA exhibition?

A: The ACHEMA exhibition is an opportunity to explore a wide range of technology and services for the process industry. At the Frankfurt exhibition grounds, two thousand eight hundred exhibitors from over 50 countries will display their product innovations for the global process industry. Book your tickets now to get in contact with solution providers and business partners at ACHEMA 2024.

2. Who is TSA Process Equipment?

A: TSA Process Equipment is a leading provider of high-purity solutions and process equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We specialise in delivering advanced water purification systems and process equipment catering to the pharma and biotech industries.

3. Why should I visit the TSA Process Equipment stall at ACHEMA 2024?

A: Visiting the TSA Process Equipment stall will allow you to explore the latest products and innovations, engage with the experts to discuss your specific needs and challenges, and learn how the TSA can help you enhance your process efficiency, safety, and product quality.

4. What can I expect to see at the TSA Process Equipment stall?

A: At the TSA Process Equipment stall, you can expect live demonstrations of the state-of-the-art equipment, interactive displays showcasing TSA’s technology and solutions, and detailed information about the products, specifications and applications. Moreover, you can speak with the technical experts and sales team.

5. Where is the TSA Process Equipment stall located at the exhibition?

A: The TSA Process Equipment stall in Hall 4.1, stand G62, Messe Frankfurt exhibition. Please refer to the official ACHEMA 2024 floor plan and directory for more details.

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