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Who is executing your next water system project?

Commissioning a water treatment system is an important expense and not one you should take lightly. Whether you have a laundry list of vendors in your address book to choose from or are looking for a new one, here are some insider tips to fall back on when evaluating a proposal for your next Water System project.

Have They Considered Environmental Impact?

Geographical and climatic conditions have an impact on groundwater. Also, if your project is located in an industrial area, the method by which effluents are treated at any of the plants in this area could affect the quality of your own water supply. Make sure your project proposal considers environmental and geographical conditions that might impact the specification of your water treatment plant.

Do They Understand Water?

Water has physical, chemical and microbial properties. There are many different grades of water used for pharmaceutical purposes. High purity water for pharmaceutical applications is sourced from potable water. Water, when used for high purity pharmaceutical applications, requires further treatment when used that include a combination of different methods including double-pass RO, + EDI & Ultrafiltration System. The right engineering company should be able to correctly assess the combination best suited to your production needs.

What Materials Do They Use?

When producing high purity water for pharmaceutical use one of the biggest concerns is microbial contamination. Water has several unique chemical properties due to its polarity and hydrogen bonds, allowing it to absorb, dissolve or suspend many different compounds. These could include bacteria or contaminants that affect the quality of the water and ultimately the medicine, with entire batches often being contaminated. Check your BOQ to ensure the quality of the materials being used to manufacture your water treatment system and that they are per specifications and to standard. High-quality materials ensure that contaminants do not enter the water.

How has the System been Designed?

Make sure your system is neither over or under engineered. An over-engineered system may seem like the Rolls Royce your plant deserves but all it will do is add to the cost of your operations. An under engineered system which fails to include essential components will result in operational breakdowns and loss of revenue. Ensuring that the system is optimized also ensures that there is minimal wastage and that your system runs at the lowest cost per litre.

What is the Post-Commissioning Arrangement?

Make sure the proposal includes specifics on what documentation, training and support will be provided to you so you are not left in the lurch owing to a sudden operational breakdown.

TSA water system would be delighted to work with you to assess your needs for your next water system project. When we design, manufacture, install and commission a water system, we guarantee an optimal system that gives our customers the lowest cost per litre.

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