Liquid Manufacturing Plant

TSA's range of process equipment is customised to your specific processes and intelligently engineered to deliver upstream and downstream processes seamlessly.

Sterile integrity is critical to the manufacturing process. Process vessels and associated piping all along the transfer path, valves, instruments, hoses and filtration skids must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid cross-contamination from cell debris, media, residue from prior batches and cleaning agents.
Our technology incorporates static or dynamic spray balls that work in tandem with temperature, time duration and spray concentration to deliver a thoroughly sanitised process. With our intelligent optimisations, you are guaranteed a system that saves you time, delivers cost optimisations and protects your process.
Customisations available
  • With or without
    • tank CIP system
    • Hex
    • dosing system
  • One/two
    • tank CIP
    • pump design
  • Centralised CIP and local recirculation skids
  • Combo CIP + SIP system
  • Complete qualification and validation package

Additional Support

Validation documentation

Cleanroom FAT facilities


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