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Choosing the Right Pharma Equipment Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide

pharma equipment manufacturers

Whenever you begin a new project, the most critical decision you will make is choosing your collaborators. When it is a pharma, biopharma or biotech production plant you are setting up, this means making an informed decision about the pharma equipment manufacturers you choose to work with.

There are many pharma equipment manufacturers in India, each showing off a list of equipment or machines they provide, but what’s their story? Purchasing pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment is not as simple as scrolling through a product catalogue and placing an order, expecting next day delivery like you do from your Amazon shopping. Equipping your manufacturing plant is about cultivating a relationship with your pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers – understanding their approach to manufacturing, their priorities, their values, and precisely how they can deliver value to you through the entire life cycle of the product.

Pharmaceutical production is tough. From skid systems to CIP integrations, from insulation to level sensing, we understand that the number of elements you need to understand deeply can be overwhelming. Which is why bringing a reliable partner onboard can transform your experience from one of anxiety and confusion to one of clarity and confidence.

How to choose the right pharma equipment manufacturers for you

There is no dearth of pharma equipment manufacturers in India and abroad. So how do you make an informed decision, keeping in mind not just the quality of the pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers’ work, but also the quality of the relationship you will have with them?

Here’s a handy checklist to find the pharma equipment manufacturers who will transform your pharmaceutical production dreams into a reality. Tick each of the elements off in this comprehensive guide to know that you can rest assured once you’ve found the right partner.

1. Experience or expertise? You don’t have to choose!

Often, when you find pharma equipment manufacturers who’ve been in the business for donkey’s years, you presume that their experience is tempered by old-fashioned ideas. At the same time, you’re afraid that a new manufacturer, no matter how technically-sound, may not have the operational experience you need.

But why should you have to choose between experience and expertise?

At TSA, in nearly 20 years of experience, we have delivered over 500 projects in more than 50 countries. We have designed, installed and commissioned plants to commercially produce vaccines, enzymes, biosimilars, nutraceuticals and sterile formulations. So we bring best practices from across applications, improving our work with every new project we do. If you partner with us, you can rest assured that your pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer has the requisite experience in terms of time spent in the business, industries serviced, and geographies understood.

Experience, however, is no substitute for energy and expertise – both of which we bring in abundance. We keep updated with the latest developments in process technology and innovate continuously to bring our customers the cutting-edge equipment they deserve. Our expertise spans the technicalities of the process, operational excellence, and regulatory compliance – none of which you can do without if you want to remain ahead of the game.

2. The customer is king: Customizability

Some pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers may be industry leaders or the partner of choice for your peers in the industry. But does that mean that the same pharma equipment manufacturer is right for you?

Not necessarily.

You want an equipment partner who is not just the best, but the best FOR YOU. As such, the industry biggies may be offering the latest in process vessels or an attractive price, but what if the products they offer are not a 100% fit for your processes?

Customisation is key when it comes to procuring process vessels, piping and machinery from pharma equipment manufacturers. Look for a partner who understands your specific needs and challenges and caters personalised solutions for your problems.

For instance, at TSA, all our compounding/manufacturing vessels as well as storage vessels come with options for customisation. The customizations available include CIP/SIP integrations, movable or fixed skid systems, top or bottom mounted mixing, jacketing for insulation, level sensing, and automatic, semiautomatic and manual systems. Phew! That’s a lot of options, isn’t it? But that’s precisely what you need – options – to make sure the equipment your pharma equipment manufacturers provide you with has the customisations that make it the right fit FOR YOU.

3. From A to Z: Comprehensive service range

You’re busy with running your business. You really don’t want to be running from pillar to post searching for different pieces of equipment, do you? We get it. Which is why we believe your pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer should offer a comprehensive range of high purity and process solutions in one place.

TSA offers upstream and downstream suites; from process vessels with integrated CIP/SIP systems available, to filtration units, microbial fermenters and bioreactors, bio kill systems, pure water storage and distribution systems, process piping and heat exchangers – there’s no process or high purity challenge that TSA shies away from.

So no matter how complex your problem or how niche your requirements, your pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer should be in your corner. If you choose TSA as your partner, you know that no challenge is too difficult for the experts here; you know you can rely on them.

4. Somebody to lean on: AMCs and life cycle support

No one likes to be ghosted, and least of all by pharma equipment manufacturers in whom you have invested time and money to ensure the success of your pharma production facility.

Your equipment decisions don’t end with purchase and installation. Your relationship with your equipment is a lifelong one, one that we at TSA understand all too well. Maintenance is key to prolonging the life and quality of your expensive state-of-the-art equipment. So you should always stick to the few of those pharma equipment manufacturers who promise support through the entire life cycle of your project – from design, fabrication and installation to validation and regular maintenance.

Luckily for you, TSA offers AMCs, or Annual Maintenance Contracts, with all their services. This has more benefits than you could have imagined: 24×7 support, fewer system breakdowns, minimising the unexpected costs of repair, maintaining your product quality, and maximising the life of your equipment.

So if your pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers don’t offer you AMCs, they’re not the right pharma equipment manufacturers for you.

5. Only the very best: Zero compromise attitude to quality

In every detail that goes into setting up your manufacturing process, you can’t settle for anything but the very best. Be it for your process piping, automation systems, manufacturing vessels, or purified water systems, find an equipment manufacturer who refuses to compromise on quality. Your pharma and biopharma preparations can only meet the highest sanitary standards and quality when your equipment does too.

6. Keeping up with the times: Cutting-edge equipment

When it comes to the complexity of pharma, biopharma or biotech manufacturing, the devil lies in the details, so you don’t want any of them overlooked.

No integrations like CIP/SIP or movable skids? No process automation? No focus on dead leg-free process piping? That’s definitely not the right pharma equipment manufacturer for you. If they’re not thinking of the tiny new advancements that can radically streamline your process, then why bother bringing them on board to address your purity and process problems? The efficiency of your equipment should be your equipment manufacturer’s headache, not yours.

Over the past couple of decades, TSA has cultivated a community of over 300 happy customers who speak highly of not only our products and services, but also our culture and attitude towards our clients. Considering the 500+ projects we have successfully delivered across more than 50 countries, if you choose us, TSA, to be your process equipment manufacturers, you’ll have an expert team to support you every step of the way.

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