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A stitch in time saves nine

This old proverb aptly explains the need for companies to opt for an Annual Maintenance Contract for their High Purity Water Systems.

Quality is often the key differentiator in today’s competitive landscape. Quality output from any equipment depends on the machine’s repeat performance. And to get optimum results and repeat performance, proper and timely maintenance of equipment is crucial.

Maintaining high-performance equipment requires a specialised skill set. Every company does not necessarily have, or is able to justify the cost of a specialised maintenance team on staff to service equipment. Plus having unqualified personnel service the equipment can only create a bigger problem and lead to breakdowns, downtime and financial losses.

To ensure the continued maintenance of your equipment by trained professionals, it is advisable to enter into an AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract for the servicing and maintenance of the equipment at a predetermined cost.

AMCs are usually of two types – comprehensive and non-comprehensive. A comprehensive AMC is more expensive as under this contract, service, as well as replacement of spare parts, is carried out free of cost. Under non-comprehensive AMC, routine servicing is carried out, but the replacement of spare parts is an extra charge.

The manufacturers of Water Systems are often the best people to maintain this high-end equipment and entering into an AMC with them ensures:

  1. Minimal downtime for maintenance
  2. No loss of production in case of sudden shut down of the plant
  3. Timely maintenance of instruments and other components which get worn or choked due to longterm use
  4. Reduced burden on the users of the equipment

TSA water system has recently introduced AMC for all their installed and commissioned plants for the sole purpose of maintaining the plant in optimum condition and to ensure the plant delivers maximum throughput.

Entering into an AMC with TSA has the following benefits:

  1. By regularly servicing your plant and parts you are pre-empting any issues that might crop up down the line
  2. You are assured of genuine engineered spares. Genuine spares directly contribute to excellent machine efficiency, durable machine life and lesser risk of break down. This ultimately protects your investment. Spare parts of the water systems commissioned by TSA meet ISO standards
  3. You are assured of OEM support at all levels from mechanical to automated components
  4. Outsourcing your plant maintenance is, simply put, convenient. Service engineers show up at predefined schedules and ensure your plant is in shipshape condition
  5. You benefit from all software upgrades during the term of your AMC. And you don’t even have to ask for them. At TSA, we inform you when an upgrade is scheduled and necessary
  6. We have built our systems to ensure minimal breakdowns, but there are times that qualify as emergencies. All TSA AMCs include one emergency visit where we respond to you within 24 hours of your request. This is limited to the Indian sub-continent at this time
  7. We invest time in training your team to manage minor problems during our visits
  8. Your satisfaction with the services we offer is not just our highest priority but also guaranteed
  9. All AMCs are renewed at reduced rates

TSA water system is always looking to deliver excellent value to our customers. We continuously work on our services so you can deliver your objectives easily. Do give us a call and talk to us about our AMC service or fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch.

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