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5 things to look for in your high purity water treatment partner

It is not humanly impossible to be an expert in all aspects of your business. Every organisation needs to identify and work with partners that complement their business. A well-managed business will not only identify and work with partners who are an extension of their own business practices but who provide the same or higher level of expertise for seamless operations.

For any pharmaceutical plant to function soundly, an efficiently functioning high purity water treatment system is critical. But how do you identify the right partner from among the crowd?

Here are five critical qualities to look for in your high purity water system partner.

A Clear Understanding of the Customer’s Needs

Customers require different types of equipment for their high purity water systems. It is therefore crucial for any water system solution provider to understand the requirements and recommend solutions accordingly. Requirements vary according to need, source water quality, production capacity and application. A good solution provider will never push their solutions on to you. They will conduct a thorough analysis and only recommend solutions to fit your needs.

ROI / Cost Per Litre

Cost per litre is the recurring cost that has a high chance of cost impact on a per litre basis. Cost per litre is more important than the system cost. When choosing a water system the cost per litre should be considered from the components and instruments involved. Therefore, if one system solution provider is more expensive in providing the capital equipment, the cost per litre should also be determined to calculate ROI.


Quality always ensures the best ROI.  The quality of components and instruments used as well as the design of the system play a critical role in maintaining the smooth functioning of water systems, reducing downtime and giving better ROI. It is not always true that the higher the cost, the better the system. When selecting a solution provider, do check their system components and instruments can be serviced locally. A good water treatment plant manufacturer will be concerned about the quality of their system and will work with you to answer these questions.


Another important facet is the experience of the high purity water system solution provider. Look for one with a full spectrum of expertise in solving both simple and complex problems. For one thing, their problem-solving ability will ensure that any issues that crop up are pre-empted or resolved. Your solution provider’s experience will also go a long way in foreseeing potential problems that might crop up and they will design the system to mitigate these or negate them entirely by providing an optimal system that will cost less in the long run as compared to changing the complete system.

Service Promise

All water system providers have a reputation for a certain service standard. Cross check that their promises hold weight by looking into their records. Ask for a list of references from among their customer base. Repeat business from existing customers should also be taken into consideration. Lastly, check for the occurrence of downtime, as downtime for any water treatment plant correlates to production loss for high purity water systems.

Only a company that fulfills all the above criteria will empower your business and propel you to greater success. As your business is the outcome of your passion and endless efforts, you want a partner that will treat your business with an equal level of enthusiasm and commitment.
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