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5 reasons you need an Annual Maintenance Contract for your process and high purity equipment

Downtime in any industry is bad. In the pharma and biotech sector, it is a disaster. Pharmaceutical and biotech processes depend on repeatable results. And repeatable results rely not just on the quality of your equipment – proper and timely maintenance is just as crucial.

Maintaining high-performance equipment requires a specialised skill set. Every company does not necessarily have, or is able to justify the cost of a specialised maintenance team on staff to service equipment. Plus having unqualified personnel service the equipment can only create a bigger problem and lead to breakdowns, downtime and financial losses.

That’s why Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) are so popular and so important. They are one of the most water-tight ways of making sure your equipment is always performing at the top of its game. When a business has these in place, they know for sure that their maintenance needs will be taken care of during the year ahead. 

An Annual Maintenance Contract ensures your equipment is serviced and looked after by trained professionals.

If AMCs aren’t a line item in your annual budget, here are  5 reasons they should be.

Financial planning

When you enter into an AMC, you do so at a predetermined cost. Even without the inclusion of spares and consumables, you can assign a ballpark figure on equipment maintenance spends through the year, taking some of the unpredictability out of your cash flow. 

Often companies realise that with an AMC, they save money, especially if the problem is bigger than anticipated. 

Increase the longevity of your equipment

Your business depends on you getting the most out of your equipment. Small inefficiencies add up and cascade into larger breakdowns that are costly. Preventative maintenance at periodic intervals ensures your machines are always running at top efficiency with minimal chance of breakdown. An AMC with the OEM ensures your equipment is serviced by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Focus on your core

An AMC allows you and your team to focus your attention on the critical aspects of the business, increasing the overall productivity of your enterprise. 

Secondly, it is less expensive to outsource tech maintenance to your OEM. It is their core offering – they will definitely be better at it than your own in-house team.

Expertise on demand

Having a roster of tech professionals on call when you need them will definitely help you sleep better at night. These professionals have acquired vast experience solving problems just like yours for a number of their customers. Chances are they’ve seen it all. 

Secondly, hiring a full-time team is an exorbitant expense your company does not need. 

Emergency support

Preventative maintenance ensures you will never be caught off guard. But in the off chance that does happen, you’ll be able to call on the maintenance people to address the issue so your operations are back on track in no time.

You won’t have to worry about finding people to help you and, hopefully, everything in your workplace will be back on track in no time.

There is an old proverb that aptly explains the need for companies to opt for an Annual Maintenance Contract for their equipment – A stitch in time saves nine. And that exemplifies TSA’s approach to equipment maintenance.  We have several AMC variants to ensure your equipment is getting the care it needs. 

Troubleshooting AMC

Scheduled client visits where our skilled engineers troubleshoot systems and make appropriate recommendations on which replacement parts you should stock. Our expert guidance will keep things running smoothly at your plant.

General AMC

Scheduled maintenance visits and inspections by qualified engineers to guarantee smooth plant operations. Instrument support and Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) are offered as add-ons (consumables and spare parts not included, though). This one covers all the basics.

Comprehensive AMC

We place qualified staff at your location, along with operational, administrative, and maintenance services, as well as the replacement of faulty spares in accordance with contract requirements (with or without consumables, materials, chemicals, etc.). All the big guns in one contract.

Operational Training

We give your staff in-depth operational training to ensure the efficient running of all your facilities and machinery. That way, your machinery is in good hands, even when our experts aren’t on the ground. 

Instrument Calibration Service (ICS)

All of your equipment is calibrated as part of the ICS, to ensure that vital parameters like pH and conductivity are monitored.

Technical audit

We generate exhaustive reports on process modifications affecting output, energy use, spare parts, inventory, and plant upgrades will be conducted. Technical audits also save downtime by performing routine preventative maintenance on machinery and plants. We’re solving problems before they even crop up. 

Water System Audit

On-demand services to assess your water treatment facility’s operation and provide recommendations for a complete water management solution. 

Experience peace of mind knowing that your technology is working exactly how it is meant to. We. Get. Stuff. Done. 

TSA Water System strives to provide consumers with exceptional value at all times. We are always improving our services to help you accomplish your goals with ease. Reach out to us using the WhatsApp button on your screen.

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